Wednesday, May 23, 2012


by Robert L. Gisel

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight."  
-  Japanese Proverb

 Never does failure enter the picture until you give up trying. Without that factor there is no such thing as failure.

  Dr. Barious says this about drive, "Geniuses have a strong desire to work hard and long. They’re willing to give all they’ve got to a project. Develop your drive by focusing on your future success, and keep going."

 Drive is an important factor for success, but the person who gives you the most drive is yourself. Persistence is a powerful tool. When you employ it you can arrive, as sooner or later you will achieve success on a path you have not faltered on. Enjoyment comes with accomplishment. 

 Never give up trying. We hear of persons who make and lose a million dollars, only to start again and make another million.

 But setbacks come from three primary factors: the accidental or unexpected circumstance, not giving fully enough to the effort, or not having enough knowledge of what you are pursuing.

The Unpredicted
 Unexpected events can come from a variety of things, like the weather or shifts in political-economic climate. An accident can break the players or the pieces.

 When something can't be done one way, do it another way. Just figure out how else you can make it fly and do that. Be bright enough to recognize when a change needs to be made and run with it.

Disparaging Words
 Your efforts may fail to supply the demand where you have not dedicated yourself to the plan. Letting naysayers and pessimists put down your ideas can cause you to drop your drive and purpose. This is sometimes enough to stop the whole activity. The worst is being too hard on yourself.

 Be alert for sources of discouragement and realize that the invalidation is misguided. Reaffirm your special talents and review your goals. Set new targets for their attainment, or put the original targets back on the table.

Educate Yourself
 Find out what you need to know. This is easier than ever before as the Internet hosts a ton of free or inexpensive information. The nomenclature and key words may be as far as you have to go, for getting the words of the subject fully understood greatly opens up creativeness and inventive ideas flow forth.

 Finding out what you need to know may be as simple as a few articles or as much as going back to school. Discover what you don't know and learn it. 

Use Your Resources
 When a task doesn't seem to ever get done by you, but is necessary to your goals, it will most usually be found to be for lack of interest. Get someone else to do it. Outsource the activity by by paying someone to do it or a trade off with swap of activities to something you do like to do.

 The right amount of carry through may require more hands or additional resources. These don't have to be something you must have before you can do. OPM - Other People's Money - can manifest in many ways. It doesn't just means loans and venture capital. Sell now and deliver from the payment received, or hire now and pay when the proceeds are in. There are dozens of ways to leverage your production efforts.  Who you know might provide the right combination to get the ball rolling. 

Worthwhile Activity
 If you are bucking the tide do it with deliberation. Positioning your goals and purposes can have everything to do with the outcome. Selling Christmas bulbs in the summer or sand in the Sahara Desert could come up a bust.

 Working out what would you have to do to make it fly you can discover a way to do even the seemingly impossible. It may require working out the appropriate timing, location, or a brilliant presentation that captures desire. A ranch house on the moon may be doable but may not be desirable to any niche, or to so few as to not be worth the effort.
Take It all the Way
 When you understand the elements that might defy accomplishment pushing your works through to fruition is a fun and successful activity.

 What you want is a done deal, a completed activity. Keep your vision in mind and take it all the way home.



Saturday, January 14, 2012


by Robert L. Gisel

 "22. INDIVIDUALISM. Do things the way you think they should be done, without fearing somebody’s disapproval." -- Dr Barrios

 Life should be an adventure. It helps the story to aim at doing something extraordinary, remarkable, or even impossible. Truly that is the only way to live life.

"Everyone is exceptional in their own way."

  Everyone is exceptional in their own way. In the movie The Last Starfighter the the teenager, Alan Rogan, simply was exceptional at the Starfighter arcade game, coupled with a goodness towards helping people. In Ray, about the life of Ray Charles, you learn that he was exceptional in gauging what music people would respond positively to. In John Wayne movies there was always the ability to lure out the unknown and set the bad situation to rights. He also always got the girl. It is a good thing each movie is scripted to a new story or he would have wound up a prolific bigamist.

 The movies only help to illuminate our own lives and conflicts. It is Hollywood, but the examples in real life are where Hollywood gets its ideas. There is more dynamic in life though, as each person creates his own story, or gets out-created by someone who is. Your will determines the way. Concentrate on your will and the way will fall in line. This is good news because will is the easiest thing you can create.

 If you take stock of your life in an objective fashion looking for what you do that is different from others, you will find a characteristic or circumstance you should pursue, or many of these. It happens sometimes that it is not immediately visible. Asking a good friend what they perceive as unique about you will stir up ideas, and will help you identify your exceptional abilities.

"A sure cure for the blues is 
to put your dreams back on the table."

 Then do more of what is uniquely yours. These things you really feel good about yourself will align with your dreams. Pursuing your dreams motivates and gives you energy. A sure cure for the blues is to put your dreams back on the table. Lethargy comes from having to do something because you have to and not because it is what you love doing. The better formula for success is to love life and live your love.

 Always strive to do something outstanding. Whether it be a single product that is better or more than anyone expected, or a wholly unique business creation, make it into something remarkable. Steer your life into such a position. The working world's daily grind my wrack up a paycheck but not much enthusiasm for life. Setting your sights high and going for it gets the creative juices flowing and builds emotional exhilaration.You are more energetic about doing what you like to do.

 It is a most interesting phenomenon that when you work at something that brings you joy, the degree of toughness dwindles to nothing. Your physical energy doesn't simply come from what you had for lunch. You create it from whole cloth. Remember the last time you fell in love? Or when you were so enthusiastic about something you worked straight through the night?

 It is particularly healthy to embrace the view that nothing is impossible. The impossible is always attainable. Only insufficient carry-through makes it seem it can't be reached. Ford told his engineers to build a V-8. They told him it was impossible. He said do it anyway. They worked hard at it and said it was impossible. He said do it anyway. It was no longer impossible when they discovered how and built it.

 The can't-be-done crowd will drag on you like an anchor. The naysayer that makes less of your dreams, would try to convince of the worthlessness of your plans, avoid them. When you can't avoid them let their words have no effect on you, they are only words. We know they can't do it because they won't try. Side step them and do the impossible anyway.

"Everyone natively has will power. 
The difference from one to the next is 
only in whether you chose to exercise it."

  The genius will focus on what he wants, creates his own burning desire to attain it. Everyone natively has will power. The difference from one to the next is only in whether you chose to exercise it. Put that with something you really want to achieve and keep that dream alive, that is burning desire. That puts you at a parity with anyone else, and above everyone else that won't exercise their will.

 Don't take my word for it, try it out. Name your dreams and write them down. Pick out of these what you want the most and believe you can have if "impossible" isn't an object. Pick out you really feel excited about. Then observe how much more energetic you are.

 Keep that torch lit, every day, and you will arrive at the goal, sooner than you might think.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Offering A Warranty on Life

by Robert L. Gisel

"8. ENTHUSIASM. Geniuses are so excited about what they are doing, it encourages others to cooperate with them. Really believe that things will work out well. Don’t hold back." -- Dr Barrios

 Success in life is never guaranteed. Life doesn't come with a warranty that says,  "Play the game of life, satisfaction guaranteed." If someone finds this somewhere let me know as I want to buy an extended warranty. Still, we see some people make billions big and others never hit the high numbers. How does one get into life's preferred customer line? Can't just anyone be a genius?

"How does one get into
life's preferred customer line?
Can't just anyone be a genius?"

 Actually, anyone can. In Hollywood there are the wannabees and then there are the A-listers who made it. There are winners of the race and the almost rans. Some business ideas luck into viral popularity making the principals fast millionaires and others never get off the ground. Are they each just a better person than the rest? Is Nicholas Cage more genius than you? (It wasn't his fault that he is in financial ruin, it was bad direction from his financial manager.) The truth is, though, no one has a corner on the game of life to the exclusion of others, and anyone can arrive at the head of the line. Will is the way.

 Granted, any endeavor is a learnable skill and one must have sufficient knowledge or insight to create a winning combination. Assuming that one is studied in his craft or willing to crack the books to be skillful, there is still a factor critical to placing second or taking the gold.

 Here's the inside tip. The fabric of the universe forms an ace in the hole for anyone who would set their desires into motion. This oft overlooked factor, when one plays his cards right, can draw the appearance of Lady Luck. It is just an apparency, but nevertheless the difference between fool's gold and a rich strike is a doable stance that is not exclusively held by a chosen few. But how does one go from wish to fulfillment?

 It is not wishful thinking. The glee of careless thrust after hope has left many a man flat broke as surely as one can so easily lose it all on a single wager at the gaming tables. There is a false confidence that finds one having played the fool. There is also the genuine article that takes the courage of conviction with entuberance. Between the false and the real is the difference between success and failure. There is an attitude one must practice wherein lies the key.

 The fabric of the universe is an infinite quantity while not being a something at the same time. It is the life force that extends beyond the physical bounds. It is what delivers up our decisive commands. It functions for us out of love and not out of hate, and any negative begets the same.  Things happen from a state of enthusiasm where there will be no motion from a state of apathy. If you don't feel enthusiastic find something to be enthusiastic about. You can always play enthusiastic, get the idea of it and carry the air of excitement, until you genuinely are. Genuine enthusiasm is high enough emotionally to trump your cards. It is the ace in the hole, the joker that rounds out the hand.

"Genuine enthusiasm is high enough emotionally
to trump your cards."

 It is a known datum that when one makes a decision and goes into doingness on that plan the motion of the physical universe aligns. Unexpected help can materialize. Needed resources now become available and beneficial circumstances appear. This does not happen when you hold yourself back, so go forth freely and with confidence.

 Decide and do. Doing this from a confidently calm state the result is powerful. No doubts are permitted. Also, snarling anger may strike a blow but it won't be a winning combination in the long view. Be at peace now and concentrate on molding the future, but never dwell on the past. Push away thoughts of animosity and fill these instead with trust and good will. "Should have dones" or fault finding equally are anchors that stay any forward thrust; don't do it. Do the plan, effusively pursue your goals, and be a gracious host to success.

 In this way you can underwrite your own warranty on life.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Live With Desire

by Robert L. Gisel  

OPTIMISM. Geniuses never doubt they will succeed. 
Deliberately focus your mind on something good coming up.  
Dr. Barrios 

 A strong desire is the root necessity to get where you want. Wishful thinking falls short always. It takes the focus of one's will towards that which one most desires to arrive at the coveted prize.

 You could stand and look at fancy cars and wealthy homes and wish you had these but this does not get for yourself valued things. Even worse you could envy the person who has obtained things. Doubting that you could ever arrive at a high goal is the best assurance you will not arrive.

 The adage of the idle mind as the devil's playground is truer than you might think. If your mind turns at every corner you will end up in the slums when you were headed out for Beverly Hills. Things worth having are worth the effort to achievement.

"Things worth having 
are worth the effort to achievement."

 The easiest effort to exert is one's will. So focus plays a important part in manifesting your genius. Something good coming up may be something known to be happening, like an event or presentation or perhaps a holiday. When you put out the desire of achievement your mind will interface with the universe and in this light miracles have been known to happen. The more focus on the will to do the stronger the desire of achievement. It is not hard to focus the will and is a capability in anyone. It you are not used to doing this it only takes some practice.

 As the Olympic relay of the the torch to light the fire in the cauldron that signals the beginning of the games you can image carrying a torch as a reminder to keep your desires alive. Just put it on the mantle at night or you'll never get any sleep "doing" your project all through the night. Practice at keeping your desire ceaselessly strong will override any self doubts and distracting negative thoughts. The practice includes pushing any contrary thoughts out of play replacing them with the to will to succeed. When you have this the physical universe will be seen to align and provide support in some most unexpected ways.

  Let me know when you get there, as you will, if you do this well.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Take a Chance?

by Robert L. Gisel

"9. WILLINGNESS TO TAKE CHANCES. Overcome your fear of failure. You won’t be afraid to take chances once you realize you can learn from your mistakes." - Dr. Alfred Barrious Self-Programmed Control Center of Los Angeles

Is it okay to breakout from a routine life on a gamble that something new and dear to one's heart is worth going for? Arising from this is the question of responsibility lest one give up all visible means of support and end up in bankruptcy or headed for living on the street. Yet being a genius requires that one take chances.

Fear blinds willingness.
Giving importance to considerations that you have failed at something will barrier your own reach. Drop it. Worse yet, giving credence to someone else's nay saying will balk your plans. Let it go. If you failed to persist you failed. You don't have to make that mistake again.

Leveraging extends your means.
Knowing that you have or can access wherewithal for attainment is a monitoring factor. Any new activity will run some distance in the red. The start up time will vary greatly from on activity to another. Leveraging can be enlisting help or funds. Having confidence in your abilities will allow you to approach others and sell yourself and your idea for resources that will extend the reach of your activity.

The unforeseen will always require adjustments along the way.
Educating yourself eliminates a lot of trial and error. Even still ones best prediction can run amuck with unforeseen. Be of a mind to solve problems and not be stymied by them. You have to be willing to shift gears and change the program. When a program doesn't run quickly find out why and tweek it. You may have to examine altogether different alternative approaches.

To do what will is likely to be more successful requires a new idea of brilliance.
The stroke or brilliance from this may come as simply as researching the area of the problem in Wikipedia. Looking up the related words in a dictionary to get a conceptual understand of each is bound to brighten one up. A different mode of marketing or means of manufacturing will be apparent when you search the available opportunities. New materials, new means, whatever it is, search and you will find a solution. When the light turns on roll with it.

Learn from your mistakes.
If something hasn't worked ask why and make a record of that in a journal or research papers. If you had to do it again what would have eased it into fruition.

Learn from others mistakes.
When someone else can't make an activity work get an understanding from this. Following bad or over-hyped advices can find oneself falling short of the promised expectations. Altering or failing to apply a proven program sets one up for failed results but where the heralded path has not been a success don't follow it over the ledge.

Being different, unique or exceptional goes with the territory.
Why not be the one to come out with a completely new idea or set a new record. No one monopolizes that capability of the mind, that life force that pervades the universe and provides innovation and accomplishment.

Will you make it?
Be an achiever and you will. Have or develop and practice the attitude that you can. All is possible to the person who believes so.

Persistence begets arrival.
When you give up trying you guarantee you won't arrive. One person pursuing a mine dig stopped 3 feet from a gold vein while the next person to take over the claim found one of the greatest gold finds ever. Don't stop short because of weak conviction in what you know to be true.

Timing can make all the difference.
Coffee shops was a time who has come for Starbucks. The predominance of street coffee vendors indicated the location of the Northwest was a market ready to be tapped. Finding other areas ready for such an idea allowed Starbucks to expand all over world one shop at a time. Timing is filling a vacuum that exists now or somewhere. Exercise your ability to spot untapped areas by, just for fun, contemplating this and noting your finds in your notebook.

Assume willingness.
This is an attitude or frame of mind you gain by assumption. Assume that you have this quality. Disagree with failure. Disagree with anyone who tries to advise you to be less, do less, or have less. If you don't take chances, if you limit yourself to the normal rather than the exceptional. Step out and be a genuis.

Do you think you have something it is time to go for? Why is that so? Is it an opportunity whose time has come? I'd like to hear from you about you thoughts on this.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Support Wikipedia

by Robert L. Gisel

Following up on a special message from the Founder of Wikipedia he asked what does Wikipedia mean to me. A poignant question that.

What is it? How does it work? What is it made of? Who is he? How many times have I had find out. I can always learn it at Wikipedia. Simple, to the point, I get what I need to know quickly.

I'm very willing to support Wikipedia as Wikipedia has very willingly supported me. Creative breakthroughs of magnitude have come to me in flashes of inspiration while using Wikipedia, so I can't praise it enough.

When you clear the meaning of words, get an understanding of the nomenclature, genius swells. Quite factually this fundamental learning releases intelligence.

Clearing up words related to Buckminister Fuller's Geodesic Dome a bright idea came to me and I found myself inventing a take off from Fuller's technology with a revolutionary architectural concept.

Doing an R&D on an electric vehicle invention I was following up the Wikipedia discourse and links regarding a mineral for an unique battery application something flashed on a technical parameter. I found myself on a wholly new R&D for another invention that just came to me, just reading Wikipedia. Now I am inventing a revolutionary new engine.

By the way, Wiktionary saved me a great deal of befuddlement when they posted the definition of Sarah Palin's "refudiate". I'm so glad we got that straight.

Since is Wikipedia is free and without advertising, and it is so valuable a source of knowledge, I gladly donate to it. Won't you?

Click on the icon below to help keep Wikipedia free.

Support Wikipedia

Friday, November 26, 2010

Working for Your Own Dreams

by Robert L. Gisel

The whole essence of the 24 Qualities That Geniuses Have In Common is that when you bring out the best in yourself you can step out from mundane expectancies of life and live the adventures of your dreams. How well you do that has everything to do with how well you get your ducks in a row to meet the challenge.

In Sustainable Life Vs Enjoyable Sustenance I advise against full out abandonment of an income source into a dearth of no income or support. The other side of that is that you could land in Philadelphia with nothing but a few coins in your pocket and a loaf of bread under each arm and end up a renown author and philosopher. Benjamin Franklin did it, but not without visions of enterprise already jelling in the think tank.

A brilliant idea merits a brilliant plan of execution and positioning. It is often born out in your first flash of genius on the subject, where the creation first incubates. When you start to roll out an idea don't stop because the sun goes down or the clock says it is time for bed. Take it as far you can and document it. Write it, draw it, outline it even in vignette, place it in the physical universe where doesn't get lost because you later forget it in whole or in part.

For an invention you would want to encapsulate the idea from the need that it fulfills, and for whom, and even what would you call it that elicits a creative image of the thing. Consider how it would be built and marketed or the kind of expert that could be brought in to handle those aspects. You may only need to consider its possibilities, that it can be done.

You can always outsource or insource the details the way Henry Ford did. He didn't know how to build a V-6 engine, he only envisioned that it could be done to advantage, then demanded his staff experts do it until after many times of failure and repeated demand it was done. The dream was the most valuable piece of the engine.

A new business idea may be simply filling a vacuum in an absent market where the need and demand by lots of people provides a huge potential. Starbucks fulfilled coffee drinkers desire for specialty coffee in a fast-food format and then reached out with that to its market potential around the world.

Plan It Out

From initial thought to realization the key is to think it through.

The incredible advantage we have today is you can Google anything. You can rapidly learn what you need to know. Aside from that there are libraries, schools, texts, colleges and people more that willing to help you understand an area that fits any piece of the puzzle. These are the details of R&D, though. Before that you have to plan out where the idea is headed.

You can list the steps forward one to the next, say, each step of establishment of a facility to deliver a popular fast-food hamburger that could be duplicated in many locations, eg, MacDonald's. It might be more appropriate step if backwards from the final result, as in Edison's dream of electric lighting in every household.

Go back over it and think it through from different angles. For instance, there is the financial considerations. What will it cost, what could it be sold for, how does that compare with similar things, is there even anything like this extant, and if so, how does this differ. To pull it off can it be done on a shoestring, leveraging monies and resources as you make your way. How much development or establishment will it take? Will it require financing? If that, who would have an interest in backing your project?

It is your bright idea, you are the Granddaddy of it, get familiar with all its facets that you can answer questions on any of it or know what expertise could work it out. You only have to believe it is possible, even if all the mechanics are not yet worked out.

Breaking Out

At some point you will have the confidence of your particular grand scheme. You are source, and none know a dream or have a better feel for it than its dreamer. That is infinitely valuable, yet there is another ace in the hole.

When you have assured belief in something and take action towards it all manner of solutions, help and practical assistance will materialize. Doing nothing is as dormant as a dead log. When you set out and do, resources will appear. That is just the way it works. The key is do something, take any action, however small, towards the dream and the universe will align to help you achieve the dream.

Your decision accompanied with your doingness, fueled by your desired will part part the waters in sometimes the most uncanny ways. Remember that formula: decision, doingness and desire.

With all that said, you could well find yourself in a position to quit your job, cast all abandon to the wind and launch your ship into the unknown. Be unshakable in your resolve and practical in your ability without kowtowing to the naysayers, and then why not go where no man has gone.

Do it for the love of life.